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I am the "IBM Collaboration & Productivity Advisor" for IBM Asia Pacific. I'm based in Singapore.
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The making of a download script

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Based on the feedback on my little download script I'd like to share how I created it.
Step 1: Have a look at the database that hosts the downloads:
Step 2: Pick a view
Step 3: The same view as XML and all of it.


Lotussphere Presentation Batch Download

Lotusphere 2008 online features 177 PDF files with the session presentations. You can download it in one go. You need:
1) A valid username / password for LS08 online (so it is for attendees only)
2) WGet to download http files in batch
3) This cmd file
4) replace your username / password in the cmd file.

The cmd file will only fetch the presentation files that don't exist already.

Update: Get the MAC version of the script from Volker.
Update 2: The script now includes the ZIP files from the hands-on session.
Update 3: As of Jan 29 it seems that the PDFs have been removed from the download location the script is looking for them. Was the script too popular?


From Individual Actions Larger Patterns Emerge

" Emergence" is this theme of this years Lotusphere. To underline this statement the Orlando symphony orchestra was conducting at the beginning of the General Opening Session. Their individual actions resulting in an well conducted pattern of an excellent musical performance (at least judging with my limited understanding of musical performances). I was attending the second run of the General Opening Session starting at 11am Orlando time. The guest speaker was Bob Costas. I have to admit I had no clue who he was. For being non-American following the sports focused talk was quite a challenge.

But the real attractions of course are the announcements. Here you go. There are two different types: collaboration with partner companies and new products.


Joy of travel

The ground staff at Frankfurt Airport had a small shock ready for me: "Mr. Wissel you are on the US travel blacklist". How cool it that. I'm now officially dangerous. It turned out it wasn't the blackest of the black lists. The check-in staff had to subject me to a set of additional questions like: When where you in the US the last time? How long are you going to stay in the US? Where will you stay in the US? Why are you going there? Can I see your return ticket confirmation?
I asked myself how did I get onto this list? Conclusion after chatting with the ground staff: I'm entering the US from one country (Germany) and leaving it towards another (Singapore). I don't live in my country of birth and I have visited Muslim (Indonesia, Malaysia) and communist (China, Vietnam) countries before. That seems to be sufficient for the list.
The immigration officer in NYC asked the same questions again. I was wondering if that's a check for consistency. At the end everything turned out OK and I'm now waiting in NYC for boarding the last leg. I should be just in time for the Gonzo ESP party.
Update: The joy continued on the way back. The friendly staff of the TSA subjected me to special attention in New York again. They hat a device where they analyzed swipes from my shoes and inside my bag for... they wouldn't tell. At least the guy had a sense of humor and smiled on my remark, that I didn't knew that TSA is offering free shoe shine when he swiped my shoes.


Off to the 'sphere

The luggage is checked in, the sandwitch in the lounge eaten, the final boarding call made. I'm on my way. I'll stop over in Frankfurt to see my folks since I haven't been in Germany for almost two years. Total airtime until Orlando: 24h on three legs.


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