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Lotusphere 2010 Session evaluations AD107, AD111

The session evaluations are in. This is what you told us about about the sessions I was involved:
  • AD107 (Enhance Your Existing Applications with XPages) with Steve Castledine
    • Good - Usable when I get home
    • Excellent - Just what we need in order to keep up the pressure regarding open source and the rest of the wolf pack of the competition.
    • Excellent - I'm finally sold on XPage.
    • Excellent - WONDERFUL
    • Excellent - Excellent content
    • Excellent - I would really like to try uses Xpages in some of our current Web applications
    • Excellent - Great step by step session on XPages enhancement.
    • Excellent - These guys are always enjoyable and knowledgeable
    • Good - However, no reason to rush through the slides - when we finished 10-15 minutes before time!!!
    • Excellent - Great presentation. Good information on how to get started with xpages
    • Good - It is somewhat hard to keep up the pace trying to digest, learn and follow the presentation. Its going too fast.
    • Excellent - Well done. Speakers created a great rapport with the audiance.
    • Excellent - But why so hurry? They quit more than 10 minutes before 11.00
    • Excellent - great job guys. good sense of humor balanced with straight talk.
    • Excellent - Both superb
    • Excellent - Very enjoyable and clear presenters
    • Excellent - Both presenters did a great job. Seemed to know the material very well.
    • Worked great together, provided excellent examples and material.
    • Excellent speakers, a whole lot of information to digest in an hour but really excited to get into xpages at work
    • The comparrisson was excellent - it gives a very good view of what one can and can't do with xPages.
    • The room was absolutely freezing -- I left early and yes, I had a light jacket on.
    • Thanks!
  • AD111 (Harnessing the Power of Server-Side JavaScript and Other Advanced XPage Techniques) with Tim Tripcony
    • Excellent - Excellent stuff for new XPages developers and even for exeprienced ones.
    • Excellent - Very interesting and I can't wait until I could dowload the code examples Excellent - lots of good stuff...would be nice to have some more of what Tim had to say in the actual slide deck, like a bit more detail on the caching stuff
    • Good - IT WAS GOOD
    • Excellent - The best session this year!
    • Excellent - Great stuff! I had no idea Xpages were so powerful.
    • Excellent - They are both very talented with a great sense of humor
    • Excellent - relaxed and ready, everything you could ask for in speakers. bring these guys back for more!
    • Excellent - Good material, well-presented. A good team.
    • Excellent - Very clear enjoyable speakers, I get more from these sessions than if they are dry.
    • Thanks, guys, looking forward to the sample code.
    • parts of SSJS may still elude me...but this session has moved me to the next phase of grieving for my beloved lotuscript...I now accept that there are bigger and better things, perhaps this will finally bring me to closure
    • Best session of this Lotusphere
Thanks for the great feedback!


The Lotusphere 2010 Opening General Session (OGS)

If you were following the tweets about Lotusphere or LotusKnows you know everything what is contained in this post. The guest speaker was William Shatner of Star Trek fame. Instead of repeating the chronological sequence of the OGS I'm listing our product and partner announcements sorted by product name. Enjoy.
  • General
    This year's Lotusphere theme is "Lotus knows why. Lotus knows how" revolving around three business themes: The collaboration agenda, the Cloud and LotusNext. The collaboration agenda is IBM's industry specific approach to collaboration. It provides a framework approach to identify gaps in collaboration patterns and improve effectiveness and efficiency. It is the official transition from product selling to solution selling, something the more successful sellers have embraced for many years already. Now the power of IBM's internal collaboration will help all to do that. IBM's view on cloud is a natural extension of existing on premise equipment. IBM's cloud vision encompasses a seamless integration and transition between any IT assets whether local or in the cloud.
  • General Manager
    Bob Picciano handed over the role of Lotus General Manager to Alistair Rennie.
  • Lotus Connections
    In H2 2010 Lotus Connections 3.0 will be available it adds, based on customer demand, new capabilities around metrics and audit capabilities and extended mobile access. Social Analytics will allow to automagically find connections hidden in plain view through a recommendation engine to connect to people and communities.
  • Lotus Foundations
    Xerox is delivering OfficeNow! solutions as Lotus Foundation applications linking to Xerox multifunctional devices.
  • LotusLive
    Lotus Live has after just one year in the market more than 18 million users. in Q2 IBM will add LotusLive Communities which today are available in Lotus Connections on premise.
    LotusLive Engage
    Engage now is integrated into the Notes client using new sidebar applications. Engage is the perfect tool to extend collaboration safely across corporate boundaries. Why eMail a file around with a version nightmare if you can share them online including tracking who looked at what version.
    LotusLive iNotes

    Light eMail solution starting at $3/User month.
    LotusLive Labs A new feature in LotusLive will allow users to test new capabilities before they become mainstream functions (Google labs anyone ). It will have Slide Library (Slide River), Collaborative Recorded Meetings (Agora) and other. Labs will be available in Q2 to IBM partners.
    LotusLive Notes (hosted Notes) allows for a hybrid model with on- and off-premise mix of Domino servers. Minimum number of users lowered from 500 to 50. Mailbox size is 5GB/user. Sametime chat is included and services for migration and backup are available.
    Domino servers hosted in the cloud for development will be available on developerworks that will take less then 30 minutes to set up.
  • Lotus Notes and Domino
    Businesses adopting Notes and Domino 8.5.x at a record adoption rate, twice as fast as the previous fastest deployment. To continuously improve product quality there will be the 8.5.2 maintenance release in 2010.
  • Lotus Quickr
    Lotus Quickr 8.5 Beta for both Domino and J2EE can be expected soon. The J2EE version now runs on top of the current Websphere Portal 6.1.5 making deployment much easier. The release of Quickr 8.5 is expected in Q2. The Domino version will catch up with the J2EE version and directly connect to ECM systems. The available APIs are greatly extended and XPages developers can directly access Quickr services.
    The Quickr plug-in for Lotus Notes now allows to not only store attachments but entire eMails in the open standard EML format. Quickr calendars now can surface as iCal streams to be integrated into your personal calendar. Quickr will support CMIS to connect to all sorts of backends including our competitors.
  • Lotus Sametime
    Lotus Sametime 8.5 has shipped. Community (chat) and meeting functions are now fully separated with the later running on a Websphere infrastructure (like the Sametime gateway and Sametime advanced before). The new clients (Eclipse, Web, Mobile) allow a very rich user experience. Audio/Video is lacking in the current web clients, but planned as future enhancements. Now users have their fixed meeting room to be used any time. Meetings can be recorded in industry standard formats. (Note on this: there are 2 IBM research project to take the recording further: Agora and Falcon - see them in the innovation lab. I'm a proud member of the Falcon research team).
  • Lotus Symphony
    Lotus Symphony 3.0 Beta will be available in February and go gold in Q2. It is based on the OpenOffice 3.x code stream and will improve the user experience, functionality and stability of Symphony. One important new feature is the support for Visual Basic Macros in xls files.
  • Lotus Traveler and Mobile
    The Lotus Traveler server is coming to Linux. A native iPhone application allows for message encryption and is available in the iTunes appstore today.. Lotus Traveler is bundled with the Nokia E72. A native Android application will support mail and calendar to be delivered in H1. The plan is to initially support the Google phone (a.k.a Nexus One) and Motorola's Droid. RIM produces new clients for the Blackberry for Sametime, Quicker and Lotus Connections, delivering on an old promise. The application will be sold both by IBM and RIM. A lot of detail improvements around directory lookups and scheduling.
  • Websphere Portal and Mashups
    IBM offers Industry accelerators for key industries to dramatically cut down the time to deploy a workable Portal. Accelerators are initially available for health care, government, banking, insurance, education, manufacturing and transport. Portal and Mashups are fully integrated into Unified Telephony.
  • Partners
    IBM featured partners on stage: Xerox, iEnterprises, Group Technologies, GoPro and Ascendant.
  • Project Vulcan
    IBM's new vision for the future of Lotus Software: continuity (no rip & replace, deeper integration), convergence (unified collaboration, join on-premise and cloud), innovation and new opportunities. Vulcan is based on open standards like HTML5, CSS3, REST, Web Services, Widgets and Mashups. All of this will be available in the Notes client (the premier experience), online and on mobile devices. XPages taking center stage to deliver all that. A new homepage will collate information using social analytics. The homepage looks very much like the universal inbox I advocated before. Searches in the homepage can turn into permanent self updating lists and collections. It will provide full integration of concurrent online co-editing with task and attention management (more on that will be revealed in the mini keynotes during the show). Project Vulcan will be available this year on developerworks.
You will find additional and deeper coverage on Planet Lotus. Stay tuned for more entries on this week full of new information.


Off to the 'sphere

It is Friday morning 05:00AM. The Taxi is waiting. I'll fly via Tokio and Washington to Orlando on United Airlines. See you on the other side.
Update: Cleared immigration in DC, almost lost my laptop. flight so far was smooth, but it was the first flight in a loooong time without an individual inflight entertainment system in coach. Quite an old 747, but the food was good.
Update 2: In Washington I bumped into Mikkel, which was funny since we met in Frankfurt last year. Door to door travel time:29h 30min.


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