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(see the full Lotus lifcyle) To make your upgrade a success use the Upgrade Cheat Sheet.
Contemplating to replace Notes? You have to read this! (also available on Slideshare)


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The support for Windows XP has come to an end . Time to consider an alternative to move on.

About Me

I am the "IBM Collaboration & Productivity Advisor" for IBM Asia Pacific. I'm based in Singapore.
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Is OpenSource Source Software for you?

Active members of workforce like me have a romantic perception of retirement: you surrender your big stream of income to gain a lot of extra time. If you are into IT that opens the path to OpenSource. While OpenSource is free, you are very likely to spend more time to master it fully. To get started there one would need an introduction into OpenSource. Exactly this is the motivation for my talk tonight at the Retired & Senior Volunteer Programme ( RSVP).
The talk will introduce " The Open CD" containing OpenSource software for MS-Windows like: Firefox, THunderbird, The Gimp, 7Zip or Gaim. Furthermore I will talk Linux using Mepis (a Debian based distribution) as the example.
The talk is today Friday 26 May 2006, 04:00 PM @ RSVP, 75 Bukit Timah Road, #06-04 Boon Sie Building, Singapore 229833, The talk is free. Please register here: +65 6336 0640.
And see you tonight.


Fun at Tokyo's airport


What do you do on an airport when you have a few hours to kill? No shopping is not the answer. It's reading email, surfing, updating the Blog. Here they have little desk areas with sockets, so laptop users gather there. I got to chat to a lady sitting next to me. It is planet earth as I like it: A German living in Singapore talking in Japan to a Taiwanese both on their way to the USA. I helped her to get through the login (unfortunately wireless is not free at the airport) and we talked about software. She was using Internet Explorer, so I quickly showed her Firefox with tabbed browsing and the skinnable UI. She decided on the spot to migrate. Oddly enough suggested to download a French Firefox version rather than the traditional Chinese version more appropriate for a Taiwanese windows. The mystery resolved when she exclaimed quite puzzled: "How do they know that I'm learning French right now?"
One more happy Firefox camper.

Update: Not so fun. My flight just has been delayed from 5:30pm to 9:30pm. I will have 60 minutes in New York to clear immigration and catch my connecting flight to Orlando. That will be interesting, given the list of visas in my passport: China, Vietnam and a host of Islamic countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Pakistan and best of all - Iran.

Update 2: Immigration clearance was a snap. I watched the officer carefully flipping though my passport. He had a look at the Chinese entry and the Indonesian but flipped over the Iranian. Pfehwwww.


Tell me how many stars there are...

The headline is the beginning of an old children's song (crudely translated to English). When looking at my favourite IDE, Eclipse it aren't stars I count but plug-ins. It seems that my old hunting-gathering instinct breaks through when it comes to plug-ins. Most of the plug-ins come with an update URL, so updating is fairly easy. My only "local" plug-ins are: fatjar, checklipse and eclipseme (eclipseme has an URL but the site currently seems to have problems). My other plug-ins are listed below. I'll talk about them from time to time.
If you have been bitten by the Ajax bug, have a close look at "InterAKT Online" They provide a free JavaScript editor, that recognizes your own objects and their methods. It also features an extensive JavaScript help facility.

My Eclipse Update URL parade:
Oxygen XML
Improve C#
Eclipse J2ME
Eclipse Goodies
Sunshade Tools
IBM Alphaworks ETTK Update Site
Eclipse Colorer
Objectweb OPS Studio
Eclipse Batik
Eclipse Extended Presentation
Bycycle Aestetic Programming
Ruby Development Tools
Eclipse XUL
Eclipse Updates
WSMO Studio
Mimo Logfile viewer
Design Patterns PlugIn
eBOB Object Workbench
Quick RegEx
InterAKT Online
EMF/SDO/XSD Secondary Update Site
UML2 Update Site
Logfile tools update site
Visual Editor update site update site
Andrei Loskutov plugins site
Oxygen Discovery site
Subclipse update site
InterAKT Online
Eclipse Colorer site


JBoss Jumpstart

On Friday I went for an JBoss jumpstart workshop. From time to time it's nice not to be the trainer. JBoss was a white spot on my map, since whenever I had to deal with EJB it was on IBM's Websphere.
Installation is straight forward, unzip the file type run and off you go. JBoss uses Tomcat as it's servlet engine, so upgrading from your JSP/servlet only environment should be easy too. For Notes/Domino shops Brightline offers an integration with the Domino server, that allows unlimited use including RDBMS and message queue.
Our trainer did his homework for this pilot class well and the exercises offered good learning opportunities.
We used JBossIDE for the examples. It is build on Eclipse and uses XDoclets for generating a lot of the server and EJB stuff. Currently the JBoss plug-ins don't play nicely with a off the shelf eclipse, so I rather stick to myeclipseide.
The preview of EJB3 was quite impressive. It is much less complicated than before.
The big question remains when looking at OpenSource EJB:
  • JBoss: got the best recognition in the market, professional support and a (commercial) Domino integration.
  • Jeronimo: Apache's take on EJB. Since their Tomcat is very popular it is easy to argue. However they are the "New kid on the block"
  • JoNAS: While not very known in the US it will be popular in Asia, at least in China since has teamed up with Chinese researchers
Which one to use?


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