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Buying Broadband - The saga continues

Did I hit the replay button? Today my little email was answered:
"Dear Mr Wissel

Thank you for your email.

We seek your kind understanding that for technical enquiries, please use
the online form at ..."

Well. Should we add that to: customer service boo-boo? Typically I now would move on. The web form they point me the second time still required an user-id from an existing customer. However I'm curious how the story unfolds further. So I'll be a little persistent:  

" Hi there,

it looks to me, that you don not want my business! I asked a presales question and if you are not able to answer that, PLEASE ask your technical staff yourself and come back to me. If you ever have bothered to look at you technical support online form, you would have realized, that one mandatory input is a USERID. Since I don't have one I can't even use the form.

If you would have read the mail thread, you could easily see, that this recommendation of yours didn't work before.

PLEASE: I'm willing and ready to spend money. I'm ready to buy the most expensive ADSL package you offer. The only thing missing is a confirmation: YES your phone line does support 3.5k. Or: We don't know, we will test it on installation if it is too slow we change your plan to 1.5k or whatever.

Neither you nor I want that you loose a customer and add a story in the tech community, how incapable your sales is.



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